This is a 1/24 scale Protar Ferrari 412T - Click for larger photos
I made this fictional Ferrari racer from an Italeri 275GTB. I got my hands on some nice Ferrari photoetched scripts, and they look great!  And yes, it's a rather American paint scheme... on purpose! 
Here's a Testors Ferrari 250GTO.   The paint was messed up a little, but after polishing it out, the effect looks like what I like to call "original patina".  Wheels are from Herb Deeks, tires from the Monogram Mercedes SLR kit.
This is an Academy Ferrari 250LM.  Great little curbside kit!  This was my first time spraying a 2 tone paint job.  Those are the kit wheels/tires.
Ferrari 312P, a nice resin kit from Fisher. This was my first all resin kit.  Thankfully it is a very nice quality casting!  There is no engine, but it looks great on the shelf. 
(This model won a first place award at the '02 MASSCAR show)
The Revell Ferrari F50.  Tamiya also made a nice kit of this car.
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--  1/43 SCALE FERRARIS  --
...where the BIG cars are!
A Fujimi 330P4.  Great curbside kit!  The gold "Firestone" transfers for the tires are a nice detail. 
(This model won a second place award at the '02 MASSCAR show)
Revell Germany 275GTB NART Spyder.  I found out the hard way that using too much glue to attach the rear facia to the back of the body will melt the little spoiler.  Nothing I can do about it now...
Testors 365GT Daytona Spyder.  Note the non-kit resin wheels.  I unfortunately did not know back then that Testors' clearcoat paint yellows.  I hope people don't notice...
Tamiya F189 in 1/20 scale.  This was my first F1 car.  I do not know much about these cars, which explains some incorrect detail under the "hood".  But even still, it is a nice looking model!
Reissued Ferrari 250P curbside kit with Herb Deeks wire wheels.
Here we have a Testors Ferrari 288GTO.  The tires are from  Monogram Testarossa kit, and are far more accurate than the rubber blobs included in the kit.
The Revell Ferrari 612 Scaglieti.  This is the first kit I had built in years after burning out.  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2009)
The Revell Ferrari F430.  This is the second kit I built after burning out.  Photoetch grills really help this rather simple model.  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2009)
The Testor's Ferrari 250GT California.  I had started this kit years ago, and decided it was time to finish it.  I wasn't going for perfection this time around, but it still came out pretty nice!  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (Finished 2010)
Monogram Ferrari 512TR.  This is a level 3 kit, and for good reason.  The whole rear chassis has a lot of parts that need to fit correctly.  I tried building a few different Testarossa kits year ago, and none had good side-strake detail.  This is the only kit I have seen in person that pulls the whole thing off.  Wheels and tires could be better, but this is an older kit, after all.  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2010)
Fujimi Ferrari 348tb curbside kit.  I recently found this kit, which I didn't remember starting years ago.  Since the body was painted, all I had to do was detail the interior & body, and put it all together.  Not perfect, but nice. (2010)
The Revell Ferrari California.   Paint is Tamiya.  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2012)
The Revell Ferrari 599 with Hobby Design 20" Challenge style BBS wheels.  I'd like to re-do this model as the paint isn't up to snuff.  Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2011)