This is a resin BBR kit of the Ferrari 250 "Breadvan".  The real car started life as either a GTO or SWB (I have read both) and was rebodied with this unique shape.  The kit has great photoetch wheels and details.
Resin Starter Ferrari 500.  Wonderful wire wheels in real wire!  Cute kit!
A cute little Austin Healey 100 in metal by K&R Replicas.  I had major wheel problems with this one.  The kit came with white metal wire wheels.  Rather simple but acceptable.  The problem started when the axles were too long.  I cut them with wire cutters, then glued the wheels on.  I tried to adjust one, and the wheel broke in two at the hub!  So now I was stuck.  I only had one possible wheel-donor, an old BOX GTO that was in tough shape.  I did some transplanting and now this English roadster has Italian wheels.  Not entirely accurate, but better than being wheel-less.  This must be a rather old kit, as the wheel design and lack of details suggests.  Still, with its white Duplicolor paint and custom plates, it looks cute!
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This is a resin Starter Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa with more great wire wheels
Ferrari Monza.  Great wheels and decals in this kit.
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