Testor's Ferrari 250GT California
11/5/10 - Today I was digging through my model kits, and remembered that I had started this one years ago, right when I entered burnout mode.  The body was already painted with a few details attached.  Also, the engine was done.  I decided I would putter with it a little. 

One thing I had made a note about years ago was that the inner door panels were from the GTO/SWB version of the 250 kits.  I had a whole Replica's & Miniatures interior upgrade kit ready to go, but decided I would keep it for a future build.  Instead, I cut the kit panels apart, made a new middle panel out of styrene I had sitting around, then glued the pockets on.  Not perfect in any way, but better than what there was. 
11/7/10 - Chassis is almost complete.  Note the floor has been painted tan.  I finally found a shade I like in the Tamiya line.  I sprayed the tan first, then masked it off, and went with semi-gloss black for the rest of the chassis.   
11/12/10 - Chassis is complete.  The center console is part of the rear chassis.  I sprayed the console area tan, then masked it off and sprayed what might be the gas tank silver, then did more masking and applied the black.  I should have make the rear shocks orange, to look like vintage Koni's, but I am not looking for 100% perfection with this build.  I'd like to build it again in the future to a higher standard.
11/21/10 - The 250 is done.  While a few parts didn't come out 100% perfect, like the "wood" steering wheel, and a few details have been omitted (such as window cranks), overall the car looks nice.  I accidently got glue on the inside of the windshield, after all my carefull work got in installed just right and looking clean.  I used an old pin for the shifter.  I cut the metal pin down, and painted the "ball" black.  I had a little trouble finding a decent license plate for it, and went with a vintage plate I found on Ebay.