The first N scale building I tried my hand at was this Northeastern Scale Models STS Series freight depot.  The shake shingles are by Paper Creek, who I think is out of business.  I am not totally satisfied with the look.  I don't feel the brownish shingles go with the dark blue and black.  But it is still a nifty little structure!  The hardest part was getting the wood bracing off of the wood "parts tree". While the laser cutting is done very well, these bits were hard to remove without braking a few.  They take patience and a sharp hobby blade.
My second RR building, this N scale laser-cut wood kit is by American Model Builders and is called the "Corydon General Store & Post Office". It comes complete with self-stick roofing, such as the octagon shingles for the front porch.  Half way through the project, I realized I installed the windows upside down!  Thankfully, I was able to correct this. The large wood wall sections tended to warp while wet with paint, but in the end, things lined up almost 95%.  I will have to figure out how to avoid this for future buildings.  The building is screaming for signs, but as I don't have a use for it yet, it is staying "clean".  If you decide to build this kit, keep in mind the roofing takes far longer than you'd expect!    
N Scale Model  Railroad Models
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This little wood yard office kit is from American Model Builders and is based on a Boston & Maine prototype.   No "roofing" on the little coal shed cover at the moment.  The stairs were murder!  Computer printed shingles at the moment, but I may change that in the future.

A nice kit from Branchline Trains.  Not sure of I like my printed brick foundation.  Roof Shingles are a little crooked... I need to add a chimney!
Two-story farmhouse kit from American Model Builders.  It took me a while to finish this one.  I had glued the walls in place, then painted them.  The thin wood warped big-time.  I tried to flatten them out various ways, with no luck.  I put the kit aside and gave up.  Time passed, and I decided to try installing the windows and some bracing to make the walls flatten out.  Things went well, and I finished the house.  The shingles are from Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains
Models In Progress:
Bar Mills - Saulena’s Tavern
Branchline Trains - Majestic Theater
Design Preservation Models - Otto's Parts
Walther's State Line Supply

Model Railroad Signs For YOU!
This is Design Preservation's "Cricket's Saloon" kit.  All detail is molded into the walls, so there is a lot of detail painting.  The roof is covered in fine grit sandpaper.  The ads on the walls are my first attempt.  I searched for images online, adjusted them, then printed them on decal paper.  This particular variety is supposed to not need a clear coat when used with an inkjet printer.  The colors did well for the most part, but the decals didn't adhere all that well, even with a setting fluid.  Quite frankly, I could have just used a thin paper instead.  I need to try and use the decal paper a bit more before I can pass final judgment...
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American Model Builders "Ellington Mercantile" kit .  This one came out rather nice.  As you can see, the frontage has a LOT of window area.  I have an issue with actually FINISHING a building, so there is no floor or window "glass" yet.  I don't want to add those details until I decide what type of business the building will hold.
American Model Builders "General Service Building" kit .  I decided to paint this building in Boston & Maine colors.  The kit came together well, and the loading platform is a nice addition.  The roof actually sits on rafters, too!  The wood is a bit thin, so keep that in mind when painting to avoid warpage.