My second RR building, this N scale laser-cut wood kit is by American Model Builders and is called the "Corydon General Store & Post Office". It comes complete with self-stick roofing, such as the octagon shingles for the front porch.  Half way through the project, I realized I installed the windows upside down!  Thankfully, I was able to correct this. The large wood wall sections tended to warp while wet with paint, but in the end, things lined up almost 95%.  I will have to figure out how to avoid this for future buildings.  The building is screaming for signs, but as I don't have a use for it yet, it is staying "clean".  If you decide to build this kit, keep in mind the roofing takes far longer than you'd expect!    
N Scale Model  Railroad Models
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This little wood yard office kit is from American Model Builders and is based on a Boston & Maine prototype.   No "roofing" on the little coal shed cover at the moment.  The stairs were murder!  Computer printed shingles at the moment, but I may change that in the future.

A nice kit from Branchline Trains.  Not sure of I like my printed brick foundation.  Roof Shingles are a little crooked... I need to add a chimney!
Two-story farmhouse kit from American Model Builders.  It took me a while to finish this one.  I had glued the walls in place, then painted them.  The thin wood warped big-time.  I tried to flatten them out various ways, with no luck.  I put the kit aside and gave up.  Time passed, and I decided to try installing the windows and some bracing to make the walls flatten out.  Things went well, and I finished the house.  The shingles are from Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains
Models In Progress:
Bar Mills - Saulena’s Tavern
Branchline Trains - Majestic Theater
Design Preservation Models - Otto's Parts
Walther's State Line Supply

Model Railroad Signs For YOU!
This is Design Preservation's "Cricket's Saloon" kit.  All detail is molded into the walls, so there is a lot of detail painting.  The roof is covered in fine grit sandpaper.  The ads on the walls are my first attempt.  I searched for images online, adjusted them, then printed them on decal paper.  This particular variety is supposed to not need a clear coat when used with an inkjet printer.  The colors did well for the most part, but the decals didn't adhere all that well, even with a setting fluid.  Quite frankly, I could have just used a thin paper instead.  I need to try and use the decal paper a bit more before I can pass final judgment...
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American Model Builders "Ellington Mercantile" kit .  This one came out rather nice.  As you can see, the frontage has a LOT of window area.  I have an issue with actually FINISHING a building, so there is no floor or window "glass" yet.  I don't want to add those details until I decide what type of business the building will hold.
American Model Builders "General Service Building" kit .  I decided to paint this building in Boston & Maine colors.  The kit came together well, and the loading platform is a nice addition.  The roof actually sits on rafters, too!  The wood is a bit thin, so keep that in mind when painting to avoid warpage.