Looking for some street/highway signs?  The US DOT website has a LOT of info, including image files.
US DOT: Standard Highway Signs—PDF and EPS files for New and Revised Signs
US DOT: Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Handbook - Revised Second Edition August 2007
Model Railroad Advertising Signs
Here you will find some interesting signs that can be used for your model railroad buildings.  Print them on decal paper, or apply to the inside of a store window with the appropriate glue.  

Many of these signs started off as actual old metal or porcelain signs for sale online.  I did my best to clean up any damage that appeared on the signs so that they can be re-purposed by modelers.  I am not a graphic designer, though.  You may find that some of the rougher areas appear very obvious when viewed as a full size image on your computer screen, but you will find most do not appear when printed in a small format.  If you have more skills than I, feel free to mess with the images even further.

These files are being supplied free, but I would appreciate your clicking any ads that strike your fancy!

*** Images are in .PNG format.  File sizes vary.  Click each image to open larger version, then right-click to save it to your computer.  You will have to adjust your print settings to achieve the final size sign needed. 
Lee Shirts & Pants
Dr. Pepper
Good Grape Drink
Hershey's Ice Cream
7-up Soda
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Bruckmann's Malt Tonic
Postal Telegraph
Hood Milk
Hires Root Beer
Firestone Tires
Morton's Salt
Ford Tractor
Purina Chows
Jesse Welden Cigars
Borax Extract of Soap
Vernor's Ginger Ale
Hires Root Beer
Western Union
Tootsie Rolls
Gillette Razors
Black Mountain Coal
Kodak Film
Grade A Association
Sinclair Gasoline
Conoco Gasoline
Willys Service
Railway Express Agency
Western Union
Western Union
Western Union
American Railway Express
American Express
Adams Express
American Express
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