This is "Mini Checker", a pewter GHQ Checker Marathon kit.  The kit decals were useless, so I did my best to print out some of my own on my inkjet.  The door decal says "Small Fry Taxi Co."  , and the black stripes are thin slivers from a black sheet.   I had to paint this one twice, as the first time around I didn't use my brain, and sprayed the Tamiya yellow onto the bare metal. 
1/160 Scale Cars

1/160 is a model railroading scale that comes under HO in size.  I recently tried building some of these ultra-tiny cars.  Of course, I kept thinking I had to put all the same details on them as I'd put on a 1/24 car.  It is very hard to stop thinking in terms of a larger scale!

(Keep in mind, a 1/160 car usually averages about 1" long...)
This page was last updated on: September 24, 2015
"MiniVic" - This is a Willmodels resin Ford Crown Victoria kit, which I bought via Ebay.  This was the very first 1/160 scale car I made.  It looks just like my old 1:1 car with snow tires on!  You can see how I built it HERE.
"MiniStank" - This is a GHQ pewter kit, the first multiple-part one I tried.  I had issues with the exhaust stacks, and had to cut some from a paperclip.  Note the play on words on the signage...
"MiniWoody" - This Ford station wagon is another GHQ pewter kit.  My first attempt at making metal look like wood siding!  Hard to do in 1/24 scale, yet alone 1/160!
"MiniChevy" - This Chevrolet is another GHQ pewter kit.  I decided to make it a "sleeper", with blackwall tires.  I was so happy with this little car I decided to keep it in the fleet.
"MiniChevyTruck" - Yet another GHQ kit.  I decided to make it a fire department truck.  I had an awful time with the white paint and panel lines.  The decals were home made on an inkjet printer. 
"MiniBulance" - I built this little GHQ ambulance for a felluh' in Ireland.  There's a mix of MicroScale decals on there.  The "8" was from an old Fred Cady 1/24 decal sheet.  The casting had a LOT of mold lines.  Instead of returning it, I decided to just make the best of it and sand sand sand...
Didn't cover very well.  So I stripped it, which is simple on metal, and tried again, this time with a coat of Duplicolor grey primer.  Still, even with the primer, the car needed many color coats.  Most of the silver trim was done simply by running a blade or toothpick over the area, removing the paint and revealing the metal.  The grille was painted with a silver gel pen, headlights are white gel pen, roof sign is White Out, and front & rear lights are Tamiya.
"Mini928" - This was NOT one of the better GHQ castings.  Very light panel lines, somewhat flatter look than the 1:1 car.  I was suprised it came out as well as it did!
"Mini911 2.0" - My second try at this GHQ model.  This one is German Silver.  I used a pencil to darken the windshield.  I'm still not sure which technique I prefer, pencil or paint.
"Mini911" - Guards Red Porsche 911 Cabriolet, a (you guessed it) GHQ kit.