This is the Tamiya Mercedes CLK-GTR.   I had a little lack of patience with Scale Motorsport's carbon fiber decals, but all in all this is was one of my best efforts.  2009 UPDATE: The clear coat has yellowed a bit since it was built, and the carbon fiber decals have flaked off in spots!
Revell Germany Jaguar XKSS.  Jaguar made this car from leftover D-Type parts, turning it into a road car.  This was a hard kit as it was, but I had to make things worse by using MCW enamel paints for the first time! Everything peeled!  But I managed to save the little Jag, and now it's shiny and snazzy.  I wired the engine a bit.  It's easier with these older engines.
Monogram Mercedes 300SLR.  I looked all over for fabric to match the pattern on the original's seats. No dice.  What I found does look nice though.  The sidepipes are metal tubing, and the wire wheels are from Herb Deek's Models. This kit has great Dunlop racing tires!
Tamiya BMW Z3 curbside kit
Tamiya Jaguar MarkII
I built this Testors Porsche 911 many years ago, when I started to take the hobby more seriously.  This kit came with wheels that fit onto actual little studs!
A reissue of an old Revell Aston Martin kit.  Still not complete, I wanted to build the less-than-high-tech kit as a racer.  Wheels are from a wrecked Jag XKE kit. 
This little Austin Healey 100-6 is the Matchbox reissue of the old Revell kit.  The window frame is not easy to install, and is still in the box.
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One of Monogram's great old kits of great old cars. This one's a Rolls Royce with opening doors.  The doors made painting a little more difficult than normal.  The finished model seems a bit fragile.
Protar Mercedes W196 F1, one of the worst kits I have ever built.  Perhaps that's one reason why it literally took me years to actually finish the thing.  Maybe I am a bit too critical of the kit, but go ahead and read about the build HERE.