This is a replica of one of our local police cruisers, based on the Lindberg snap kit.  It was my first attempt at building a police car.  Officer Gallo of the Belmont Police Department was nice enough to let me take photos of the real car, which has since been replaced by a newer Vic.  The decals were made for me by the SHABO company, and the lightbar is from David Panek Hobbies.  I did my best to add interior stuff, and added in-scale plates as well. 
Here's my replica of Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane's cop car from the Dukes of Hazzard.  This was my first real attempt to take an inaccurate kit and bring it up to snuff.  I added some aftermarket wheels and a  David Panek lightbar, kitbashed the tires and steering wheel, made an antenna, license plates, more accurate decals, various interior stuff, and a fishing pole for Enos to use on his day off!  It's all topped off with a "I HATE DUKES" bumper sticker laying on the rear deck! I had fun with this one!
This is really an Impala SS kit that I turned into a Caprice police cruiser with some putty and aftermarket parts from MODELS BY TONY. I found out that when using Testors gold spray paint, do NOT get finger oils on it before clearcoating, or you'll get fingerprints later!
  This member of the fleet is a Testors metal kit.  I decided to chrome the grill with foil.  The results are not as good as chrome plating, but the effect is there.  I have added the same tweeked Chimneyville decals as on the Chevy.  Yes, I forgot to add antennas.  They'll go on in the future...
This Testors kit is a replica of Car 54, an actual Dunstable, MA cruiser.  I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to build TWO of these cars at a time, in less than one month!  Now that I have a real Vic of my own, the chassis is a bit more accurate than the Springdale car's.  The decals are all homemade on my computer with inkjet decal paper from MicroMark.  I did some scanning and editing to get things as accurate as possible.  Some modifications were made to the kit's pushbar and lightbar.  The interior is box stock, but little additions were made to add realism.  One of these cars is mine, the other is in the office of DPD reserve officer G. Aggott, who was a big help in helping to provide reference photos for the project. 
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This is a Revell Ford F150 that I added to the fleet because I never build trucks, and felt like doing something different.  It is a maintenance/DARE truck, though I sure wouldn't want to mess it up if it were real!  I should've waited and got more accurate aftermarket steel wheels, but let's just say the Springdale Sheriff likes a bit of "flash"... The name and DARE decals were made on ink jet decal paper. Once again, I forgot the antennas, though I did add some nifty little foglights...
"Mini 54"
This is a replica I was asked to build of a WA State cruiser.  The client had certain requirements for his car, and I did my best to reproduce them. The special pushbar was made with stock styrene plastic.  I tried a few new techniques on this puppy!  My references were photos supplied by the client, as well as Galls Equipment catalog for details like the pushbar.  The lightbar is a Chimneyville item, that did NOT come with inside reflectors.  I had to use my bean to make an inside.  The decals are Chimneyville as well.  The interior has a dash mounted red and blue light that I had to make, and a laptop, mounted on the floor, which I also had to figure out how to reproduce.  The spotlight popped off before some of these closeups were taken.  Note also that the lightbar had to be mounted a bit too far foward, as I did not paint the body, so the mounting holes in the metal were not filled in properly. 
The Springdale Fleet
"Mini WA State"
"Mini 52"
When this car was built, Dunstable PD only had 3 cruisers, and I was asked to build Car 52 for their retiring chief.  My new techniques made me wish I could keep this one!  The lightbar, decals, and light lenses are much better than on 54. 
Mini 54 and 52
Springdale is a county I made up so that I could make a nice black and gold sheriff's cruiser with some Chimneyville decals.  I started with a Revell Impala SS kit that I modified, and then added a Vic and DARE F150.  The fleet just seems to keep growing! 
Mini '96 ex-FBI cruiser
This is a replica of a 1996 P71.  I used the Lindberg kit as is other than making a first attempt to make a bench seat from the separate 2 front seats.  A lot of plastic, putty, and sanding later, I had a one piece unit with armrests.  A learning experience... Another first was painting the car with real automotive paint and a beginner's airbrush.  The car's owner had prethinned paint left over from some bodywork, and I shot it over Duplicolor primer with no problems at all.  I wish real airbrushes were cheaper... Anyhoo, the model is topped off with accurate antennas and plates. 
Here is my latest little Vic.  I made decals to turn it into the official "Jonelle's Crown Vic Site/New England Crown Vic Owners" cruiser!  The Testors kit now comes with steel wheels, as you can see.  Not entirely accurate, but the look is there. 
The "Jonelle's Crown Vic Page/NECVO" cruiser